Friday, October 19, 2012

Welcome To the NEW homebase for Human SUPER Heroes... JUST the Beginning, INDEED

I literally JUST got the idea, domain, and NOW SEE the Mission Clearly my Friends... this is an entertaining, positive mission to showcase True Heroes in the many facets of this crazy Whirld and this sent & meant to inSpire.  Of the many thousands who deserve this title, I will do what I can as time allows, & keep the HSH Family Style going, growing  'Up UP and Awayyy'  Stay tuned... 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Luther Vandross... was this man human?!

This is one of the Purest Soulful Talents and performances I have EVER heard/Felt/Seen

This is a pretty solid Tribute from a woman still in her talent prime (skip to 1:45 for performance only)

And though I'm not really an Usher fan (though MUCH respect to all he's accomplished and all those he's moved indeed), I came across this video and it was great reminder how much talent he truly does have... I'd forgot the last few years with overhearind his pop songs with so many vocal effects etc. 
 Right ON Usher, Oprah and for this episode/segment honoring Luther


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tony Robbins

Though I haven't been to any of his seminars or read his books, going back to one my high school friends Erik Week being Into Tony, to Hugh Jackman and Bill Clinton's praise, to even the comeback credits from/for Venus Williams and Andre Aggasi's, this man has Lifted Millions through his Path and Mr Robbins Universal Messages indeed a True #HumanSuperHero

Marianne WILLIAMSon

Her message and PATH is that of ONE and ALL and is of Non-judgement just positive Universal 'Reason' and Priceless... would SO ROCK if Kids were given opportunity in School to 'Listen' to her and FEEL for their own Choices.... #humanSuperhero

and I was blessed to have seen/FELT her Live twice in Los Angeles in 2011... more to come in 2012



THE Michael Jackson of DubStep STYLE Marquese Scott

This Human SUPER Hero inspired me (so random as I 'tripped' across video #thereisNOcoincidence back in November) to cross the line and think of this concept for HSH.. ALL about Inspiring Others #allforareason #familyStyle (luv the song too by Butch Clancy
TRULY UNIQUE, Master of HIS Craft like None and #TrueORIGINATOR